With the NBA season being over, it’s offseason time.
And we know what that means: Rumors will be up to date.

In this past week alone, we heard various rumors…from a potential Lonzo Ball-Lakers reunion to Chris Paul teaming up with LeBron in LA and even the Lakers being interested in Russell Westbrook.

This brings up the question, who should the Lakers go after?

Russell Westbrook

First of all, let’s address the Russell Westbrook rumors. This is probably the worst fit for both Westbrook and the Lakers. Westbrook’s contract alone makes this operation incredibly difficult, but let’s analyze this purely from a basketball perspective.

Russell Westbrook’s game is ball-dominant, and he has really struggled to shot the ball from three. That is exactly what the Lakers should not look for in a point guard. They need shooting, someone that can space the floor, and the most important thing, someone whose game compliments LeBron’s game; that is not Russell Westbrook.

Chris Paul

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The other option is Chris Paul. Chris is also ball-dominant in terms of fit, but he has proven to fit alongside another ball-dominant player. He can complement LeBron’s game and take pressure off him, as he’s an amazing playmaker.

The problem with this is that Chris Paul would have to decline his $44 million option for this to happen and then accept to play for the Lakers on a salary closer to $9 million. That or trading the entire roster except James and Davis to create $30 million in cap space. If one of these scenarios happens, it will certainly shake up the NBA.

Lonzo Ball

Finally, Lonzo Ball. His return would be a great story in the NBA, but is he the player the Lakers need? He can definitely make a case for it, as he has drastically improved his shooting, averaging 14.6 points and shooting 37.8% from three.

He is still a great passer and playmaker. Also, he has proven to have the work ethic that it takes to improve in any aspect necessary.

The Lakers could also look into other names like Mike Conley, Kyle Lowry, and Michael Brogdon.
What would you do if you were Rob Pelinka?

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