Galaxy fans are spoilt for choice with team-related content.

The club has podcasts covering it every night of the week, multiple websites producing content, two e-gaming leagues, and unofficial historians chronicling its history.

Despite the vast array of places G’s can turn to for their Galaxy news and entertainment, Josh Guesman and his podcast/website Corner of the Galaxy is likely the first place they’ll go.

And go they did when Guesman hosted his fourth CoG live show at Taps Brewery in Tustin last Saturday.

Over 100 Galaxy fans came out to celebrate a belated birthday with Guesman alongside co-hosts Larry Morgan aka #LarryMorganNotOnTwitter, Eric “the Portuguese Hammer” Vieira, and special guests Kevin “El Gato” Hartman, Galaxy General Manager Dennis te Kloese, and Cozmo.

Josh Guesman, Eric “the Portuguese Hammer” Vieira, and former Galaxy goalkeeper Kevin “El Gato” Hartman are all smiles during the CoG live event.

For 90 minutes, Guesman and his co-hosts gave attendees in-depth interviews, the newest scoop on the latest Serbian signing Dejan Joveljic, and of course, Corner of the Galaxy merch.

“We’ve been following Josh for years,” mother of five Nicole Navarro shared on why her family attended the event. “If Josh says it, then we know we can trust it, and it’s true. He’s the voice of the fans.”

“One Of Us”

To say he is the purest and most trusted link Galaxy fans have between themselves and the club is not a stretch.

Guesman has been producing his website and twice-weekly podcast since 2009, in a time when the only source of content for G’s was the Los Angeles Times.

The time Guesman has spent covering the Galaxy means he’s gotten familiar with all levels of the Galaxy organization from players to general managers. He’s sat down with some of the biggest names in soccer like Beckham, Cole, and Gerrard and gained the trust of Galaxy players and fans.

He laid the blueprint for what independent Galaxy news coverage could be and it’s no surprise that members from other Galaxy podcasts like LA is Our House, News across the Galaxy, and LA Riot Squad Cast came out to pay homage to a man they surely picked up pointers from.

Chris Tucker, host of LA Riot Squad Cast watches and exchange between hosts.

“I’m super honored that anybody thinks that I’m providing or giving anybody anything of quality. I mean, I love what I’m doing, and hopefully that love of what I do and what I’m able to do and what I’m capable of doing comes across in it,” the Newport Beach native said.

Galaxy Art Fire Owner Oscar Rosales collaborated with Guesman to design caricatures of the CoG staff in his signature style. He was at the CoG live event selling his famous pins and sticker designs after more than a year and a half away.

Rosales explained Guesman is loved because of what he does for Galaxy fans. 

From running the social media channels to doing breaking news to transcribing post-game interviews; the time he actually puts into the CoG each week is incalculable That he does so without getting paid should endear him to the fanbase even more.

“He does a lot for the Galaxy Community,” Rosales stated. “He does it for free and he’s spending his time, and time has no value.”

Galaxy Art Fire Owner Oscar Rosales felt like he knew Guesman already by listening to the podcast.

The CoG host was eyeing another live show already. Despite a day that started at 7 am and was still going at 9 pm, Guesman claims he would do a live show every day.

His dream live show is setting up again at the Digz next season and I anyone can pull it off, it’s Guesman.

His authenticity and clear news coverage make it easy for listeners to become engaged and become instant converts.

The CoG host credits other reasons, however.

“What we’re trying to do is to be as professional as we can, be as consistent with the quality, that goes audio quality, reporting quality, podcast quality, entertainment, all these things, and I think that’s the reason we’ve been able to hang around as long as we have.”

Because of this, CoG will surely continue to be the first place Galaxy fans go when they want to find out the latest on the blue, white, and gold.

The live show had Cozmo super focused on special guest Dennis te Kloese.

This dedication to quality and respect for his listener is the reason that Galaxy players and coaches have come and gone, but Guesman remains.

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