Bob Bradley’s LAFC History

    Bob Bradley is currently serving as the first ever coach for Los Angeles Futbol Club when he took the job back in July of 2017. While it has been smooth sailing for the past two seasons, the 2021 MLS season has not gone as well for him. Currently on a 4 game losing skid and sitting in 9th place with 23 points, is it time to relieve Bradley of his duties? After failing to reach the MLS Cup last season, losing 3-1 to the Seattle Sounders in the Western Conference final. Also, falling to Real Salt Lake in the first round in 2018, and looking like they might not even make the playoffs this season, what should LAFC do?

Who should LAFC bring in as a potential replacement

    Getting rid of Bradley mid season could provide the spark LAFC needs to go on a run and try to make the playoffs. We’ve seen situations like this happen all throughout sports. However who would replace Bradley is the main question, for starters you could look at his assistant, the one and only Ante Razov as the interim coach. If it goes well for him then you obviously bring him back as the official head coach and if not you search for a new head coach. Don’t get me wrong Bradley has been an amazing coach up to this point but he hasn’t really been able to get LAFC up to its biggest potential.

Looking locally for a change

    Change is inevitable and if LAFC wants to move on forward and do what Atlanta United did and win MLS Cup in less than five years after coming into the league, then it should be time for a new coach. So the question is who should LAFC hire, currently there aren’t many options locally and if you want to go international it’s a much bigger risk. If LAFC are looking locally within the MLS then they are better  giving Ante Razov at least one full year with the club. Currently any other coach within MLS seems impossible to lure them away, even though LAFC would be a great club to manage.

Looking internationally for a change

    If we look internationally there are options like former Club America coach Antonio (Turco) Mohammed or former Inter Miami coach Diego Alonso. Which could help LAFC as they are more defensive minded coaches with a great counter attacking approach. Nonetheless LAFC have a big decision ahead of them and the future of this club pretty much depends on what happens next. It doesn’t get easier as they take on the LA Galaxy this weekend which could be the final nail in the coffin for Bradley. 


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