The LA Rams are the most stressed fanbase in the NFL, according to a new study by BetUS, which ranked stress levels in professional sports fans.

BetUS analyzed over 100,000 Twitter and Reddit threads and forums from every team in the Big Four pro sports using TensiStrength in a bid to discover the most stressed-out fans.

You can view the full study here.

LA Rams and LA Chargers both make the top 10 for most stressed fan base in the NFL.

Photo: BetUS

Unsurprisingly, the most stressed-out team in the NFL is the LA Rams, topping the chart with 35%.

The LA Chargers closely follow in 8th place, with 27% of tweets and forums qualifying as stressed.

The LA Dodgers are one of the most relaxed teams in MLB

Photo: BetUS

In MLB, the Los Angeles Dodgers are one of the most chilled fanbases in baseball, with only 21% of stressed language and an average relaxation score of 1.28.

On the other hand, the LA Angels are a lot more stressed out, with a huge 25% of stressed language detected. The New York Mets are in the lead with 32%.

The LA Clippers are more stressed than the LA Lakers.

Photo: BetUS

In the NBA, the LA Clippers were listed as the team with the 5th most stressed fans, with 26% of tweets and forums qualifying as stressed. However, the LA Lakers place 15th overall, with only 22%, 4% less than their fellow LA-based team.

Topping the chart was the Philadelphia 76ers with 29%.

You can take a look at the full study and imagery here.

Featured Image: BetUS
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