The Los Angeles Lakers are not living up to their high expectations this season.
LA is a quarter through the regular season, and they are just at 7th place in the Western Conference with a 10-11 record

With all the hype and their fan base expecting another title, there has been so much criticism of the team, including the players and coaching staff. 

One of the players who has been getting a load of criticism would be Russell Westbrook. With him being a former MVP and the biggest offseason acquisition of the Lakers, everyone is expecting him to deliver. And with the team not doing too well so far, fans have been putting some pressure on Russell to step it up a notch and help get more wins.



What fans need to realize is that Russell Westbrook has been playing great so far this season, and there’s still a lot of time for him to get into a groove and help LeBron and the Lakers climb toward the top of the standings.

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If there’s one thing that Russell needs to do every game? Be aggressive and find his scoring touch. Russell Westbrook is known as Mr. Triple Double but let’s not forget that he was a two-time scoring champ and a two-time assist champ in the NBA. He is best when he puts his head down and attacks the basket, as well as gets his teammate’s open looks from being aggressive. He is not one to just stand around in the corner and wait for something to happen. He’s the one that makes it happen.

That’s easier said than done with LeBron James and Anthony Davis on your team, but that Lakers need to figure out how to get Russell in the mix more often and let him play his game

If the Lakers want to have more success, Westbrook needs to be aggressive. He needs to look for his shot and kick the ball to his open teammates when the defense starts to zone in on him. 

Knowing him and the Lakers, they’ll hit their stride later in the season, and they’ll start to get it going. Let’s hope Russ can lead his team into a deep playoff run this year.

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