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LAFC Narrowing Managerial Choices

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LAFC Nears It Search for New Head Coach

There have been rumors about LAFC narrowing their list of candidates for their vacant head coaching position. The rumor is that Juan Carlos Osorio could be the teams second ever head coach. For those who are not familiar with Osorio he led Mexico to the 2018 World Cup. Where he qualified as the leader of the Hexagonal and with ease obtaining 21 of 29 points. He also made history with Mexico when they defeated Germany in their opening match of group F. Osorio would not be able to deliver Mexico into the fifth game that they have been desperate for. However he broke the “curse” of 2-0, by beating the United States in Columbus with a score of 2-1. There are certainly ups and downs for choosing Juan Carlos Osorio as the next head coach.

Should LAFC Give Osorio a Chance

Juan Carlos Osorio has a style that can be beneficial for LAFC’s style of play. Osorio is very methodical in how he plans for a game, he leaves nothing to chance and figures out every single detail. Where Osorio gets the best production is from having a solid back line. Especially having taller players to defend set pieces. Getting beat in the air or on set pieces is a huge pet peeve for Osorio. With a solid backline that gives the midfield more opportunity to stay upfront and join the attackers. That is how he prefers his team to play however he will have to convince his player if he is chosen. One player that can possibly be on track with Osorio’s scheme is Vela,since he was with him for 2018, if he signs a new contract. Osorio is a good alternative but to be the main guy there has to be some doubt coming from some fans. 


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