The Los Angeles Lakers sit at 27-31 on the season with 24 games left to play. The Lakers are unlikely to avoid the play-in tournament this season. The problem is that Anthony Davis could miss the rest of the season with a horrific ankle injury. Davis is expected to be reevaluated in 4 weeks, which will be towards the end of March. The Lakers went 6-10 without Davis earlier this season.


LeBron James and Russell Westbrook will have to play their best basketball in the next 24 games in order for the Lakers to have a chance at advancing in the post season. Anthony Davis covers up so much for the lakers defense. Davis’s shot blocking, rebounding, and ability to switch onto guards is unmatched by anyone on the lakers. LeBron James has played some of his best basketball offensively this season. He will need to play even better to keep the Lakers afloat in the play-in tournament.

The Lakers schedule down the stretch features 10 home games and 14 road games. The Lakers will play both the Phoenix Suns and Golden State Warriors twice down the stretch. The Lakers will also play the Denver Nuggets twice and the Dallas Mavericks twice. These are tough matchups without Davis in what could be all playoff teams. Can Westbrook go on a triple double tear like he did last year on the Washington Wizards? Can LeBron continue his offensive dominance in his 19th season?

The Lakers are in a tough position, make the playoffs and bring AD back even less than 100%. If the Lakers fall too much in the loss column, do they keep Davis out and get him healthy for next season?

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