LAFC Drop Points to Colorado 

LAFC would set out on a road trip to Colorado to take on the struggling Rapids in hopes of adding another three points to their season. What they got instead was a wake up call after falling 2-0 to the rapids. Two penalties within 10 minutes would be enough for the home team to take all three points. Gyasi Zardes scored the first penalty while Diego Rubio buried the second one. This time the hole would be deep enough to keep LAFC down for the remainder of the game. This would only be the second time where the club looked really unmotivated and struggled to look like a complete team. The team would only muster up two shots on target. Surely their lowest throughout the season. This loss can be chalked up to fautigness, as the club has played a lot of games this month. With back to back weeks of having to play two games it could definitely take a toll on the club. 


LAFC Take on Austin FC

The Black and Gold return home to their favorite place to play and will take on Austin FC. Austin has been closely trailing LAFC in the Western Conference but due to back-to-back losses they have stayed at 20 points. Austin FC had two weeks where they went neck to neck with LAFC, but in the end LAFC would prevail. This match will be a critical one for the Black and Gold as they need a bounce back game. They currently lead the league in points with 23 and have a tough stretch throughout the month of May. LAFC needs a win to maintain the top place and prove that they are on track to win a championship. It’s going to be a fun one and for fans of MLS be sure to tune into this heavyweight slugfest! 


Express Delivery Coming Soon 

Rumors have been swirling about the possibility a high caliber defensemen who could join the black and gold Giorgio Chiellini has been approached by the club and an offer has been extended to him. There is nothing yet on whether or not he will accept. However, concerns arise due to his age and the style of football LAFC play. Will he be able to adapt to the MLS or will it be too different for him. However his veteran leadership and experience will be something that LAFC definitely will benefit from. It’s a 50-50 on whether to bring him in or not. His tenure if he chooses to sign with LAFC will be judged if he is able to lead the club to success.

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