The Lakers finally have a new head coach. The Lakers hired Darvin Ham, a former NBA player and experienced NBA assistant coach.

The Lakers were reportedly choosing between former Blazers coach Terry Stotts, Golden State Warriors assistant coach Kenny Atkinson, and Milwaukee Bucks assistant coach Darvin Ham. 

The Lakers ultimately chose Ham as their new leader. Here are some reasons why Laker fans can look forward to this new coach.

New Mindset

Everyone needs a clear mind to begin the season. Everyone on the team, from players, coaches, and even the management get to start the year with a fresh mindset. Coach Darvin Ham has a unique opportunity to change the culture, change the mindset of the team and the organization. Sounds like a daunting task but coach Ham has been around great teams with great cultures just like the Milwaukee Bucks who won the 2021 championship. Let’s see what sort of mindset coach Ham can bring to the Lakers who badly need to reset mentally.

New System

It will be interesting to see what kind of system coach Ham will bring to the table. He has a difficult road ahead of him to try and make the Lakers mesh together, especially with the stars and personalities on the team. Will he utilize Russell Westbrook more? Will he make LeBron play center? Will AD play more minutes on the 5? Will he focus on defense? A lot of questions for him to answer, but Laker fans can look forward to what he and his coaching staff will bring this season.

New Start

That’s what he brings. A new start. A new direction. A clean slate. Coach Ham will help the Lakers start anew. Lakers fans want to forget the tragedy of the 2021-2022 season, and Coach Ham can lead the team and the fans to forgetting the past. With him being a rookie head coach as well, he will have that learning attitude and he will continue to look forward to get better. It’s time for Coach Darvin Ham to lead the Lakers to new things and a bright future. 

Laker fans don’t know completely what to expect, but I think it’s best that the Laker fans come into the season with no expectations and trust the team, and  just support the team no matter what. Laker fans can be excited to start a brand new Lakers era. 

Featured Image: David Dow / NBAE via Getty Images
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