The 2021/22 season for the Los Angeles Kings took us by surprise and had a season nobody expected. Everything seemed to go well, even during the injuries and call-ups. With the season over we look to the offseason where the Kings are rumored to be quite active. Or are they?

Take into effect the Kings have some cap space and room for a scoring winger and left-handed defensemen. We all know who is speculated to come to Los Angeles but one, or maybe both, may end up going elsewhere. Then where does leave Los Angeles? In a perfect spot.

Los Angeles can make several signings and trades to bolster their lineup if they choose to. They have cap space, assets, and the ability to make this team scary good. But is this the route they want to take?

Based on last season and the results they had the Kings may want to stand pat. With all of the injuries and call-ups, they still made it to the playoffs during this madness after a hiatus. The young guys on defense, like Sean Durzi, Jordan Spence, and Jacob Moverare, played solid hockey and kept the defense from completely collapsing. The forwards played well together and had two very exciting lines. The injury to Viktor Arvidsson was unexpected but Quinton Byfield and Rasmus Kupari played well enough to stay in the lineup and get experience.

So my question is do they need to make moves? Your left-handed defensemen could be Moverare and your scoring can come from Byfield and Kupari. Do not get me wrong if they make moves they will be a welcomed addition or additions.

If the Kings do not make a single move and stay put it would not ruin my day. This team had a makeshift roster last season and with bodies back at full strength it dramatically changes the look of this team. Do not be shocked if they stay pat and go with what they have. This team is going places because of organizational depth, with or without making moves.


(photo:; Zach Dooley)
(photo:; Zach Dooley)
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