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Would Russell Westbrook Be a Great 6th Man for the Lakers?

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Russell Westbrook is a great player, and it’s no secret that he’d be a great 6th man for the Lakers. But would it work?
The answer is yes. But only if Westbrook accepts the role of a bench player.

If he comes in with the mindset that he should be starting, it won’t work.

He has to realize that Lebron James is a better fit for the Lakers than him. Or else his ego will get in the way of their success as a team.

Why Is Russell Westbrook a Good Choice?

There are two reasons Westbrook would make an excellent 6th man. His ability to score in bunches and his willingness to play defense. These things have always been part of his game. This was even when he started on Oklahoma City Thunder teams. A team stacked with talent like Kevin Durant and James Harden.

He’s also good at getting steals and rebounds. But he still needs to contribute to wins somehow.

This is during those times when he doesn’t have any points or assists. It could happen quite often if Lebron James starts every game.

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Westbrook has had an incredible career so far. He was drafted 4th overall by the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2008. And he had been playing for them ever since. He’s won an NBA championship and became MVP twice (in 2017 and 2018). He led his team to two Western Conference Finals appearances in 2015 and 2016.

Having Russell Westbrook on the Lakers team can help them win championships. He is another strong weapon against other teams.

Russell Westbrook Trade Sounds like a Good Strategy

The Lakers have been looking for a reliable second option behind LeBron James for years. Even though they’re finally getting one in Anthony Davis, it’s enough to make them a contender. They need another superstar to take them over the top.

That’s where Westbrook comes in. He’s been criticized by fans and analysts for his inability to stay healthy. Still, when he’s healthy, few players can match his elite athleticism and intensity. Westbrook has averaged 20+ points per game. This is in eight of his ten seasons in the NBA. He was one of the main reasons Oklahoma City made it as far as they did in the playoffs. This is during Kevin Durant’s final season with them—though KD did most of the heavy lifting.

The Lakers need to make some changes if they want to be competitive this season. They have a lot of young talent.

But they don’t have much experience playing together. So they need someone who can come off the bench and help them learn how to play as a team.

Westbrook would be a great addition because he’s already one of the best players in the league. So, he wouldn’t need much time to get used to playing with his teammates—he could jump right in and play! 

He’s also a good fit because he doesn’t need many shots or assists to score points. Russell Westbrook may not be an ideal starter for another team. But he would make an excellent sixth man for Los Angeles!

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