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Could the Los Angeles Kings Trade with the Ottawa Senators?

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Since 2022-23 season began, one of the most discussed topics was the defense. Specifically, the left side of the defense. While goaltending has also been an issue, the right side of the defense has plenty of opportunity for the King’s defensemen. The left side, however, has a void that was filled primarily by defenseman Sean Durzi. He has played so well in that position that he has come up in trade talks with Matt Roy and Sean Walker.

Are Kings defensemen Roy and Walker on the move?

Durzi is likely to stay in Los Angeles but Roy and Walker may be gone this season. One of the teams is in hot pursuit of a right-handed defenseman and could use their services is the Ottawa Senators. The Senators have had scouts and management at recent games of the Los Angeles Kings and very well could be looking at Roy, Walker, and others. Do the Senators have an interest in one or both of these young defensemen? What would be going to the Kings?

For instance, the Los Angeles Kings had goaltending issues all season so one begs to question if goaltender Cam Talbot could be going the King’s way in a trade. This would be logical but also raises some questions. Does Los Angeles Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick become expendable or assume backup duty? What happens to Kings goaltenders Pheonix Copley and Cal Petersen? Would one of them be going to Ottawa?

GLENDALE, ARIZONA – MAY 05: Sean Walker #26 of the Los Angeles Kings skates with the puck against the Arizona Coyotes during the NHL game at Gila River Arena on May 05, 2021 in Glendale, Arizona. The Kings defeated the Coyotes 4-2. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

It could be a rare trade between two teams that actually works out for both teams. Ottawa needs right-handed defensemen and the Kings need goaltending help. There may be additional parts involved to make this work but this deal could be close to getting done. Are the Ottawa Senators and Los Angeles Kings the only ones talking or is this just a piece of a three-team deal? If so, who is the other team?

When the trading deadline comes and goes it would surprise many Kings fans if Los Angeles does nothing to improve the roster. As of right now, they are extremely close to a playoff berth and one may think a trade or two could get them in. If the Los Angeles Kings stay out of trades, it could cost them the playoffs in the Pacific Division. Would this be the only trade that happens? Or does general manager Rob Blake has more up his sleeve? The trade deadline is quick approaching and talks are beginning to heat up.

(photo: lakingsinsider.com; Zach Dooley)
(photo: lakingsinsider.com; Zach Dooley)

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  1. Tom

    January 26, 2023 at 9:58 am

    I’m alittle disappointed and don’t agree with the idea that the Kings have goaltending problems.They have problems on defense. JQ is still a quality goaltender and i think you can still ride him into the playoffs. In many of the articles surrounding the Kings last year and this year it is pointed out the Kings need 1 of not 2 big or bigger defensemen. No doubt. Especially when you compared to the size they had in the Stanley Cup years. Their overall team defense has been weak, getting better but has had many games this year that has left their goalie hung out to dry. . Weak defense leads to giving up goals. Also Kings are more aggressive on offense this year (putting up more goals than we are use to seeing) a good thing but that leads to getting caught up ice and giving up odd man rushes that leads to giving up goals. Im not sold on Copley, I think he has benefited from the team tightening up there D since that stretch of games where they were giving up 4,5,6 and 9 goals. Bottom line don’t sell out the goaltenders when you openly admit the Kings have holes in the D core

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