The Super Bowl is around the corner. Pretty soon, you won’t have to pretend to know what a pass interference looks like. The NBA season is closer to the end than it is to the beginning. Kyrie Irving has started to pack for his quest for the edge of the  world. The weather (in California) is beginning to change. You can smell the juice balls in the air. It’s almost time for Dodgers Baseball. 

Before pitchers and catchers report to Arizona, I thought I would jinx some headlines in hopes they do not become a situation during the season. 

“Mookie Betts Out for Three Months after WBC Injury”

I am a big fan of the World Cup. International play is as exciting as a Chinese balloon floating around the US. The atmosphere is always intense. It is the only time you’ll ever see me dress as Pancho Villa dressed as Uncle Sam–I have to represent both of my worlds. 

This year, all the MLB stars are in. The Dodgers will be represented by Mookie Betts, Clayton Kershaw, Will Smith, Julio Urias, Freddie Freeman, Victor Gonzalez, Miguel Rojas and Trayce Thompson. Which means, all these players will be playing high-intense baseball in March. Injuries can happen. 

You can switch the name on the headline with any of these players and Dodger fans will be in full panic mode. Let’s just get the headline out the way. 

“Two-way Superstar Shohei Ohtani Traded to Dodgers for ALL SEVEN OF THEIR TOP 100 Prospects” 

Okay, this headline is farfetch’d and hyperbole but is it…really? It will take a king’s ransom to convince the neighbors up the 5 freeway to trade for a once in a lifetime player like Ohtani but if there’s a team that can do it, it’s the Dodgers. Just ask the Boston Red Sox.

MLB ranked the Dodgers as the best franchise to discover talent in the Draft. They recently had 7 players on MLB’s top 100 prospect list. Don’t get attached to them. The Dodgers will want to trade for him and get first dibs at negotiations. I just hope they don’t trade the future for two months of “Show me the money!” 

The Angels are in full transition mode. They need prospects. Ohtani will be traded and will quickly text Trout letting him know there’s baseball in October. 

“Dave Roberts Fired After Dodgers Miss Playoffs for First Time Since 2012”

Yes, I did say the Dodgers are still the top dogs of the west in my last column, but this is one of Dave Roberts toughest tests since taking over the team. Their offseason has been abysmal, the captain of the team now wears Red Sox and he basically answered “Who’s playing center field?” with Bellinger’s confused face meme. 

Dodgers fans are quick to fire Roberts after any mistake he makes. I doubt they miss the playoffs but this team has fans used to “World Series or bust.” 

I am a fan of his managerial skills. Just last year, he had to juggle injury after injury and balance the media frenzy of the botched Bauer signing and they still won 111 games. Sure, they lost to the Padres in the first round but flaws exist in his coaching ability. 

His positivity can be seen as a lack of urgency but this is a new team with a  111-win chip on their shoulder with a lot to prove. What should they do if they miss the playoffs? Trade Mookie Betts for Ohtani. He’s our only hope. 

Before I leave, if anyone knows any witches that can officiate my next Jinx Headlines column, hit me up.

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