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Welcome to my new segment, You Said What? Short rants based on real quotes. Spring training is up and running. Let’s rant about some arbitrary quotes.

“I still expect to win the World Series. I do. And I don’t think that there’s anybody that’s a part of our organization or fan base that doesn’t feel that same way.” – Dave RobertsDodgers manager Dave Roberts learning who real friends are - The San Diego  Union-Tribune

You said what? Dave, just say it again. As a matter of fact, don’t just say it, get a “2023 World Series Champion” tattoo. Then, as you’re getting the tattoo, double down on the statement and say the Dodgers will also win the World Baseball Classic, the Women’s World Cup and the Daytona 500. A World Series should always be the end goal. I don’t care who’s playing third, what’s playing second and I don’t care who’s playing first, the final result should never be “We’re going to the Padres.”

Losing to the Padres after winning 111 games felt like winning the lotto and losing it all to the Padres. It was embarrassing. Because of the disastrous end to last year’s season, the Dodgers have a 111- win-chip on their shoulders. I hope to the blue angel in heaven, Tommy Lasorda, that the huge chip takes them out of their comfort zone and motivates them to be hungry for the ship. Although the last World Series meant a lot, winning it during a pandemic year and skipping the parade made me wish I would have vomited in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard while I yelled at Roberts, “You promised a World Series, and you got it!!” during the celebration. 

“A little competition, earning playing opportunities, I think it’s a good thing.”- Dave Roberts

You said what? Listen. For the first time in a long time, some players are going to have to earn and keep their at-bats. The only guaranteed at-bats this season are Mookie Betts, Freddie Freeman, Will Smith, Max Muncy, JD Martinez and Chris Taylor. Evidently the rest of the positions are going to have to duel for it.

It feels like Roberts is dropping a broken bat in the middle of a circle and repeating the same words the Joker said in The Dark Knight, “There’s only one spot open right now, so we’re gonna have tryouts. Make it fast.” Surely, this sort of competition should bring the best out of everyone in the team. Hitting is contagious. Blah blah blah. Just don’t lose to the Padres in the first round.  

“When you have a regular season like we did, obviously our expectations were a lot higher. With that said, playoffs are pretty much a crapshoot sometimes. It’s not always once you get in there, you’re going to win just because you think you have the best team on paper.” – Clayton Kershaw

Dodgers Re-Sign Clayton Kershaw to One-Year Contract - Sports Illustrated

If there’s anyone that can tell you that the regular season means nothing, it’s Clayton Kershaw. The playoffs are a crapshoot. It doesn’t matter how you get there. This team is strong and as mentioned in the previous column, they’re still the big dogs of the west, but the San Diego Padres have grown impatient and are ready to pounce on the Dodgers.

In fact, I don’t care how the team gets to October. They can win the division, be the wild card team, qualify only because they cried to the commissioner that other teams were bullying them, it doesn’t matter. Their job should not be to win the division, it should be to make it into October baseball and win it all. You’re probably telling yourself, “You said what?” but it is true. Forget about all the other steps that need to be checked off and if you think this rant is predictable, yes, I’m going to end it the same way as the other two rants–just don’t lose to the Padres. 

“I think he took pride in the fact that he wanted to show everybody he could play second base and play it pretty well.” – Triple A Coach Travis Barbary about Miguel Vargas

Miguel Vargas Leads Dodgers Late Rally in 6-5 Victory Over D-Backs – NBC  Los AngelesMiggy, before you crash and burn, forget about all the pressure. Don’t even think of the shoes you are taking over. Get the fact that you will be playing full time as a major league baller out of your head. Instead, let that swagger of yours ball out of control and play ball. You’re a kid getting paid to play a kids game. Just listen to the veterans, soak in the moment and don’t be afraid of the monsters down south. 

You say what? You think I should stop giving the Padres so much power? Obviously, losing to the Padres took a big toll on me. My therapist told me I need to express that anger in a healthier way. He wants me to stop going to confessionals only to curse out the priests. This column will suffice.

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