My first year as a high school girls soccer coach is ending on a sour note. Our CIF run came to an end after we lost our quarter final game–1 to 0. My team fought with heart and hustle till the end of the final whistle. We played that game as the away team and the home court advantage was definitely at play and it mattered. 

The other team’s field was behind a truck stop made out of artificial grass laid over a slab of cement. The home team was wearing the correct type of shoes while my team looked like the US Women’s ice skating team. 

During the game, the other team also had some of their teachers attend the game with a group of students who cheered for their team the whole time. This may sound super corny but the ref was calling everything for the home team

I feel like the more I yelled at the ref, the more the calls were going the way of the home team. 

Home field advantage matters on a smaller scale, but will it affect the LA Galaxy’s season? The supporters groups plan to boycott the season until their beloved team changes for the better. 

Fans are disappointed with the front office since the downfall the franchise has gone through since the end of their 2014 championship run. 

The supporters set the atmosphere at Dignity Health Sports Park by filling the air with chants, music and energy. An energy that creates an intimidation facade that makes the field a hostile environment for any visiting club.

During the last pre-season game, the crowd woke up from their nap after Alvarez dribbled past the defense and found the back of the net. Silence sucked the energy from the game. Anytime the team neared the opponents goal post, the loud anticipatory gasps were missed. Nearing a goal felt bland.

The crowd resembled the energy Kent Brockman displayed while announcing Springfields first soccer game.

GIF 9x05 temporada 9 episodio 5 - GIF animado en GIFERDuring the jersey unveiling, when asked about the boycott, Riqui Puig expressed, “I’m a player & think I need to try to play well & try to give victories. For us, the whole team, yes, we need the fans. We need them to be at all the games & support us. And the truth is, we need them for all the matches.”

Players will have to force their own energy on and off the field. It won’t matter to the front office. They’re on their own.

The team is not budging on the supporters’ demands. Galaxy sporting director and manager Greg Vanney has stated, “There’s things out there that fans and supporters can impact, and there’s things that they’re probably not going to impact, and so then it just becomes a distraction, because it’s not going to change anything.

The LA Galaxy open their season against the current champions–LAFC. They’re returning to their old stomping grounds, the Rose Bowl. More than 70K soccer fans will attend the game, likely breaking a record set by last year’s stadium opening match for Charlotte FC.

Fans will be going nuts, but not for the Galaxy.

The LA Galaxy will be the home team. The intimidation will favor LAFC.

When they return to Dignity Health Sports Park, the crowd will be similar. Instead of Whitecaps fans filling the stands, it will be casual fans.  

When Chicharito scores, the stadium will miss the supporters changing his name, instead the  off-field problems between the supporters and the front office will suck the life from the game.

Hopefully their record doesn’t reflect the issues. 

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