Left Back FootballThe first week of the 2023 MLS Cup came and went and neither of the LA teams played because of a weather anomaly. Instead of journaling about my experience at the Bowl, let’s welcome Calegari to LA.

The Rose Bowl showdown between the LA Galaxy and LAFC was postponed to July 4th because of a storm that devastated and gave some snowy joy to SoCal.

To make up for Mother Nature’s storm, the organization officially announced a new addition to the team. 

During the weekend, the LA Galaxy made their acquisition of Lucas Calegari official. A 21-year old defender from Brazil who will be added to the defensive depth. His addition to the team replaces the departed Julian Araujo. 

Let’s welcome Lucas Calegari to LA by overanalyzing his short career. 

The Good

Lucas Calegari was acquired on a loan with a permanent transfer option. The youngster will occupy a U22 Initiative roster spot. With the option to permanently transfer him to LA, the organization has the opportunity to develop a player. 

Coming from the league and country that has recently developed players of the likes of Neymar, Ronaldo and Ronaldiho, there is a lot of upside to be excited about. 

His presence in the field is made through his vision. Calegari’s style of play can be considered defensive with a playmaking state of mind. His ability to speed through the wing and expand the game helps him create attacking plays.

Most of his highlights shine a light on his ability to help create plays that lead to goals or shots on target. With his touch, Calegari hopefully can connect with Chicharito and Joveljic to create a consistent offense. 

His presence will only help elevate the playing of Riqui Puig as well. His on-field movement gives Puig the ability to rely on his speed and ball control to help the offense.

Highlight Breakdown

During my search for highlights of Calegari’s career, I found a play that gets me really excited to see him on the pitch. 

The game of which the highlight belongs to is unknown. The play has him outside the goalie’s box controlling the ball on the right hand side of the pitch. He lifts his head up to look at the players. He notices a midfielder approaching the box from the left field, wide open.

With his majestic touch, he sets the ball up for him by the penalty mark for a header. The player runs at the ball, with no defending him, and hits the ball with a header right at the goalie. 

This kind of play will work so well for Chicharito, Joveljic, or Boyd to finish. Calegari is able to see an open player and set him up for success. Something that the attacking players lacked last season. 

Last season, Puig changed the dynamics of the attack. This year, Vanney should allow Calegari to cook up the attack and help Puig create plays that will make any of the offensive players shine bright like a diamond. 

It seems like Chicharito will miss some time after his injury. This new attack can help Joveljic become the chessmaster he paints himself to be.

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