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Let’s Rant About Bond, Jonathan Bond

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LA Galaxy, SKC Post Match Talking Points After Scoreless DrawLet’s rant about Bond, Jonathan Bond. 

Imagine becoming the only Major League Soccer goalie to block more than 10 shots on target in two separate occasions.

You pour your heart and soul into the game. Another day, another 90 minutes in the office doing a damn great job. Only to have your offense take 8 shots and only 2 on target. 

Jonathan Bond, from the bottom of the heart of all the G’s in the southern California area, we are sorry the team is not yet at your level. You deserve better.

Let’s Rant About the Play

In the third week of MLS action, the LA Galaxy tied 0 to 0 against a Sporting KC team that hasn’t won a game. Kansa City hasn’t scored a goal. At this point, I’m glad the opening match against LAFC was postponed. 

LAFC is atop of the western conference at second place (only because St. Louis has played more games than them). In their last 3 games, LAFC has scored 10 goals.

LAFC would have made Galaxy look like a Sunday league team who plays games without practicing as a team. Bond would have had to work overtime versus LAFC. 

Their defense has not found their rhythm. 19-year-old Jalen Neal played the full game and looked like a teenager playing in his first adult league. Give him time. Develop the youngster and allow him to figure things out on the field. I hope he gets more minutes.

The rest of the team doesn’t get my patience. The midfield entered the season as one of the best in the league. A full season of Puig and Brugman controlling the middle gave the fans high expectations. 

In the midfield, the ball was lost and intercepted 13 times. During those counterattacks, Bond came to the rescue. The team cannot rely on Bond to save them from the villainous opposing offense. He’s Jonathan Bond, not James. Team sports are two-way streets. 

Unfortunately, Dejan Joveljic cannot use his strategic thinking to find his space in the box. After 67 minutes of play, Joveljic was subbed out after not having any touches inside the box. Good thing the camera never shows Bond when the ball is on the other side of the field. He must have been a few missed shots short of a bloody panic. 

Bond, you’re going to have to carry this team until the midfield and offense decide to show up. Without the supporters in the stands, the energy will have to come from your bloody cursing. The team has no vision. 

Let’s Rant About What’s Next…

Los Angeles is making their way back home to play their home opener against the winless Vancouver Whitecaps. DraftKings currently has the LA Galaxy listed as favorites with a moneyline of -155. They are listed with a moneyline of -8000 to score at least one goal. 

The last time the Whitecaps won a game, they beat a team from Honduras.  

Bond. Jonathan Bond. If you are reading this, you should watch some Jorge Campos highlights and figure out how you can play goalie and also score goals. You’re our only hope. 

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