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El Trafico Will Be a Bloodbath

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That’s enough. It’s time to say the unavoidable. The Los Angeles Galaxy will get destroyed by the defending champions.

The unbeaten LAFC will come to their home and tighten up its grip on the city of Angels. 

The question isn’t who will win Sunday’s first Trafico matchup between the two. The question should be, “How many goals will they score on the home team?” 

After Saturday’s devastating 3 to 0 loss to the Houston Dynamo, being shut out by the crosstown rivals is at play. Anything and everything negative towards the Galaxy became a probability after starting the season winless after 6 games. 

The Truth Hurts

Sunday’s match between the best rivalry in the league will not clear the path for LAFC to take over the city. That already happened. Sunday’s match will make it clear that one of the most historic franchises in the league has hit rock bottom. 

Chicharito made his grand return to the field. His desperation to do everything and fix the team with his presence caused a goal. This should not fall on just one player. Hitting rock bottom falls on everyone on the team. 

For months, the fans have called for the president’s exit. Instead, ownership hired Will Kuntz as Senior Vice President, who will oversee soccer operations as a band-aid to stop the bleeding. It’s too late to stop the bleeding. The loyal fans that have endured this pain since the president took over are growing tired and impatient. Kuntz won’t fix any of the problems that this club faces. 

It’s time ownership listens to the supporters. 

Money Over Experience

Fan appreciation is out of the question, with money being the only direction the club has in mind. Just today, La Opinion published an article where the writer suggested the team will pursue Zlatan Ibrahimovic after AC Milan releases him.

The savior of this team is not a 41-year-old player with bad knees. Signing him will put money over the supporters. If the team wants to salvage the season, it must do whatever it takes to bring the fans back. 

Last week I wrote about how Dignity Health Sports Park is missing its soul. The LA Galaxy needs more than just its soul back. They need an exorcism done on the franchise. They currently lead the league with having the most players with 10 or more shots on goal without a goal. 

The supporters definitely cursed them.

I’m tired of making excuses for this team. The answers aren’t with Chicharito. The answers are not with Costa. The team will not get out of its funk with a few international players to help the back line. If this team wants to get fixed, it needs to get sent to the slaughterhouse and have LAFC take advantage of them. 

Final Predictions

LAFC needs to embarrass them on their home soil. The fans in attendance need to ‘boo’ the team off the field and hope the front office listens. And that’s what I predict will happen.

Sunday’s Trafico match will be a bloodbath. Losing to the rivals will hurt. I just hope a 5-0 loss to LAFC motivates the front office to do more than just put a band-aid on the blood flowing out of the team. 

As I said, no score is out of the question regarding your Los Angeles Galaxy of Rock Bottom. 

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