In the last two years, the team has debuted 4 top 10 prospects. The Dodgers called up their number 4 prospect, Gavin Stone, to start against the Phillies on May 3rd. In his first season as a starter, James Outman won Rookie of the Month.

Their rookies are keeping the Dodgers’ at the top of the National League West. Opening up the floodgates isn’t a matter of having trust in the young players. Showcasing the rookies is a matter of displaying their many talents in the minor league system. The Dodgers are parading their developmental process to show the Angels their rookies are ready for the majors.

Why? The Angels currently have a once-in-a-lifetime player hoping to play competitive baseball finally. As of May 3rd, the Angels find themselves in second place with a 16-14 record. Earlier in the season, it was reported that the Angels would consider trading Shohei Ohtani if they found themselves out of playoff contention. 

They are half a game out of the last Wild Card position in the American League. 

A package to land a two-way legend like Shohei Ohtani would have to include major league-ready players, along with a couple of top prospects. When the Dodgers traded for Mookie Betts, they gave up a major league-ready Alex Verdugo with two prospects, Jeter Downs and Connor Wong. They also took on David Price’s contract.

It won’t be that easy to land a player who was inches away from hitting for the cycle in the same game he started. 

I also recommend not getting too attached to these players the Dodgers are taking to the next level of their development program. Up next on the list will be Bobby Miller. 

The pitching staff is struggling. Noah Syndergaard has only one win in the month of May, while Urias has struggled with back-to-back-to-back starts for the first time in his career. The staff is once again relying on Kershaw to lead the pack. It wouldn’t surprise if the Dodgers call up Bobby Miller and continue showcasing their prospects.  

What kind of package will the Angels be looking for in exchange for Shohei? A common theme for the Angels is their lack of development in starting pitching. Before Ohtani, Jared Weaver served as the team’s ace. He last pitched for them in 2016. 

The Angels need starting pitching. 

To land Shohei, I can see the Dodgers trading away either Bobby Miller or Gavin Stone, along with one of their top catching prospects and a player like Heyward or Taylor attached to it. The Angels will have to throw in a second player to make the trade work. 

It doesn’t matter who it will be. At this point, it will probably be a player to be named later. A package like this will have to be all about Shohei Ohtani. These are all hypothetical situations. 

Trading for Ohtani midseason won’t only provide extra help during the push for the playoffs. It will also help itch the team, organization, and system to a player looking to sign with a competitive team. 

If anything, this may be me taking my fantasy baseball too far. The only situation I do not see as make-believe is seeing Shohei Ohtani playing for a new team by the end of this season. Here’s hoping it’s the Dodgers.

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