In a recent story released by Sportico, the LA Galaxy made it to their top 50 most valuable soccer clubs list, ranking 17th. The list took factors such as historical sales, market size, and brand strength into consideration when developing the list. 

What a load of crap.

The LA Galaxy are going through one of the darkest eras in their trophied history. This crisis is evident by their city rivals finishing one place higher than them on the list. LAFC, which is only six years old, ranked 16th out of 50.

Over the weekend, Galaxy lost 2-0 against Orlando City FC, which currently sits in 8th in the Eastern Conference. The only reason they are not in last place is that Sporting KC has not won a game. During their match against them, LA Galaxy tied 0-0 against KC to begin the season. 

In terms of brand, the team’s brand strength continues to be held on by the ongoing boycotting protest by supporter groups. At least fans are talking about the team. When scrolling through the Twitter Galaxy Universe, fans constantly criticize the team, the front office, and any fan who does not support the cause. 

The LA Galaxy finds a way to make their situation dramatic. After earning their first win of the season, the LA Galaxy traveled to Orlando to play without one of the season’s top star players, Riqui Puig. 

Due to earning too many yellow cards leading up to the game, Puig did not play the game. Instead, Douglas Costa started in the right-wing side of the midfield. The level of play drops down significantly when he is in the starting lineup. 

During the losing streak, the Galaxy led in possession, passing, and shots on target in all their matches. This was Costa’s first game as a starter after starting the season injured. His condition isn’t at the level of Puig’s. Costa’s field knowledge does not compare to Puig’s. Costa does not play at a starter’s level; his play only works as a sub. Puig is much more intelligent in the field. 

These columns are starting to feel like I am trapped in a Groundhog Day time loop. Each week, the same topics are discussed, and nothing changes. If the team does nothing to change the fanbase culture and game experience, the LA Galaxy will lose fans. These fans will join the LAFC bandwagon without skipping a beat. Cheering for a team that recently reached the CONCACAF Champions final for the second year in a row is a better brand to sell.  

The Galaxy recently announced that Galaxy II will face newly promoted Wrexham AFC during the summer. Tickets for the match are currently for sale with a starting price of $55. Tickets for the main team’s match against Colorado Rapids are for sale for a starting price of $33, cheaper than a friendly against a team owned by two actors.

As mentioned before, what a load of crap. 

The LA Galaxy are not doing anything to change the team’s culture. The front office needs to do anything to change the situation the team finds itself in. Instead of hanging championship banners, the LA Galaxy will start hanging banners that state “17th Most Valuable Club in the World.”

It needs to start acting more like one of the most valuable clubs in the world. 

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