The high elevation stage for the US Open Cup Quarterfinals match fit the storylines attached to this match between the LA Galaxy and Real Salt Lake. With the MLS Cup far from reach, the US Open Cup was Greg Vanney’s last opportunity to make a case for his job.
He started a formation with the team’s main formation, with Chicharito leading the charge. 

During his handful of wins across all competitions, Vanney’s single forward formation worked best to create action up front. Javier “El Chicharito” Hernández became Vanney’s main option up front. 

Halfway through the first inning, Real Salt Lake led 1-0. Puig dashed with the ball in transition from the half field when he passed the ball to Chicharito, opening up on the left side of the field.

A young version of Chicharito with Chivaas would speed with the ball into the box and attempt a shot at goal.

The Manchester City version of Chicharito would allow the ball to pass him and land on Calegari. Chicharito would then wait for another touch from Calegari into the box and find the back of the net. 

Instead, the LA Galaxy captain fell to the floor on a non-contact play. LA Times Kevin Baxter reported the team announced the injury is on Chicharito’s right knee. 

Earlier in the season, Chicharit missed 5 weeks with a hamstring injury. Since his return, the strike has not looked the same. His danger in the box became a crutch, stopping the development of Judd and Joveljic up front. Chicharito has scored one goal across all competitions. 

After Chicharito’s injury, Vanney subbed Jovelic into the game. Joveljic’s threat has been hyper-focused on his ability to score when subbed into the game. During Chicharito’s absence, Joveljic became the lone man up front. His time as the team’s number nine was underwhelming at first. After finding his rhythm, Joveljic created threatening plays while taking shots on target. 

Homegrown player Preston Judd also got the opportunity to continue his development as a forward. His presence up front never disappointed—his ability to follow the play and create space to create danger for the opposing team. 

If this is the last time we see Chicharito in a Galaxy jersey, the forward position is in good hands. The LA Galaxy hasn’t released a full report on the injury yet.

Based on the non-contact aspect of the injury, Chicharito will be out for an extended amount of time.  

The LA Galaxy will not be allowed to sign international players during the summer transfer window. The new front office (without Klein) can trade for help with other teams in the league.

The team can also wait to sign someone after the transfer league. Help will be needed, but if Joveljic and Judd are the only options left, going young is never a bad answer. 

If this was the last time the LA Galaxy is led by Mexico’s top scorer, it is time to rebuild one of the oldest clubs in the league.
It is time to arise from the ashes left behind by Klein and become a leading member of the league.

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