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Judd Is The Future of the Galaxy

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Javier Hernandez’s time with the LA Galaxy came to an end after tearing his ACL during their contest against Real Salt Lake. The sanctioned set on the team after violations limits the players the Galaxy can sign to replace Mexico’s top goal scorer. Its time for Preston Judd to become the next bright star in the Galaxy. 

It is time for the Galaxy to continue the development of Preston Judd. 

Homegrown Talent

One of the brightest stars of the season so far has been Jalen Neal. The Galaxy’s defender has played his way into the US National Team’s Gold Cup roster. The homegrown center back has developed into an unconditional starter. His presence in the backline is integral to the team’s success and has proven the franchise can rely on homegrowns to spark the team’s resurgence. 

Jalen’s partnership with Caceres in the backline continues to prove to be one of the league’s best combinations. The Galaxy’s standing positions beg to differ, but the team’s biggest problem continues to be their offensive productivity. The Galaxy cannot score goals. While on the field, Hernandez only scored 1 goal. His explosiveness at being a goal hunter never showed up. 

It is a bummer to lose such a presence for the Galaxy when they need him the most, but with the limitations that the front office finds itself in, Preston is the answer. 

Preston Is The Answer

At 6 foot 2 inches, Judd will hover over opposing defensive lines. His height will help both Costa and Boyd create more opportunities. With the speed of Boyd and Costa’s return to form, Judd is sure to produce aerial attacks. 

Preston Judd is an ideal center forward. His game is similar to Chicharito’s opportunistic mentality, but can attack on his own without relying on other player’s missed shots. Puig’s position can become a false nine position, taking the attention of the opposing defenders. He can open up the game to both Boyd and Costa to feed the ball into Judd.  

During their game against the Western Conference leaders, the Galaxy salvaged a point against St. Louis with a late goal by Daniel Aguirre. Leading up to the play, Costa stole the ball from a St. Louis defender and passed the ball to Judd. Judd’s mindfulness led him to open the play and pass it back to a speedy Costa running down the right wing. 

Costa ran into the box and crossed the ball back to the center where it found Aguirre. 

This type of play will find Judd’s foot often, and he will find the back of the net consistently. Joveljic is currently ahead of Judd in the Galaxy hierarchy. Judd’s damage will most likely come as a substitution and will be as dangerous as Joveljic was off the bench last year. 

The LA Galaxy has a difficult task ahead of them. The team finds itself second to last place with half the season already in the past. The difference between the Galaxy and a playoff spot is 7 points. It isn’t an impossible task. It won’t be an easy task, but the hope that the Galaxy returning to playoff glory is alive, regardless of what happened to Chicharito.

The Galaxy’s next game will be against Sporting KC at home in front of a Dignity Health Sports Park full of their supporters. Here’s hoping Judd gets the opportunity to prove he is the future of this team with Joveljic.

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