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This Is It for the Galaxy

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The LA Galaxy played the last place Colorado Rapids to a tie. Since ownership fired president Chris Klein and the boycott ended, the Galaxy remained unbeaten in MLS Cup games.
Yet, they find themselves one point out of last place and ten points out of a playoff spot. 

During the July international transfer window, the Galaxy cannot sign any foreign players because of the sanction.

The front office will need to rely on the local market or wait to sign free agents in August. 

Javier Hernandez is out for the season. Meanwhile, Martin Caceres may follow him after a knee-to-knee collision during their game against Kansa City. Riqui Puig and Gaston Brugman will need to step up and mentor the young core that the Galaxy have in place to play themselves into the playoffs. Douglas Costa will help out when he finds himself on the field. 

The feat is not unreachable; in fact, the Galaxy has recently demonstrated they are capable of playing well and scoring goals. During their current unbeaten run, the Galaxy has showcased a style of play that can help them make the playoffs. As positive as an unbeaten run sounds, it has to be said that they also have only won one game. 

Still, achieving their goal of reaching the playoffs is not completely out of reach. This is it for the Galaxy.

When the Galaxy signs a player during the July transfer window, the player will only make them better, regardless of where the player comes from.

The Offense

With Javier Hernandez out for the season, the Galaxy will now need to rely on their homegrown players. Chicharito’s injury can be seen as a blessing in disguise, giving the young talent space to develop fully. With Chicharito on board, the young talent was stuck to the bench. Now that he is out for the season, Judd will get the play time to demonstrate he deserves to be the forward of the future. 

During his international duty, Dejan Joveljic scored twice for Serbia off the bench. His attack is more dangerous coming off the bench. When they played Colorado, Vanney went with two forwards up front, which did not generate as much action and did not score a goal. Judd and Joveljic have not played together enough to be comfortable. 

Right now is not the time to experiment. Judd should start, while Joveljic needs to come off the bench. 

This is it for the Galaxy.


The Galaxy’s midfield game needs to continue playing the way they are currently playing. This is the area of play that does not need much work. If the occasion begs itself for nitpicking, Puig and Brugman just need to take more shots, and Puig needs to rid himself of the ball one play before he usually does.

Aside from that, if the Galaxy is going to make something out of this season, it will be thanks to the midfield. 

This is it for the great Galaxy midfield play. 

The Defense

It is unfortunate for the Galaxy that their academy developed such a great defender in Jalen Neal. He will be out for most of the summer because of the Gold Cup he is playing with Team USA. Now that Caceres is out for a long period, Neal is needed even more. 

Aude and Calegari are both phenomenal in the backline. They defend and attack simultaneously, and that is exactly what this team needs. 

Since Caceres is out for a while, Mavinga and Zavaleta will be used more. Coulibaly is nearing his return. For now, Mavinga will need to up his game. 

This is it for the LA Galaxy.
The team that will play themselves into the playoffs is currently on the roster.

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