Since the Los Angeles Galaxy lost their number 10, Javier Hernandez, their offense has lacked the explosiveness needed to win games. 
The front office’s past resulted in a bleak present that limited their ability to fill the position during the transfer window. Instead, the front office needed to wait to sign a free agent after the window closed. 

The Galaxy’s lack of fielding a number 10 was hurting their chances of making the playoffs. Greg Vanney relied on Preston Judd and Dejan Joveljic as his primary attacking forwards. Since Hernandez’s injury, Judd and Joveljic have scored a total of 2 goals, both from Judd. 

Judd and Joveljic have proven to be the future of the Galaxy offense, but they are not ready to be the primary attack. They both will be fine coming off the bench to keep the attack fresh. 

Cue the Poacher

On August 15th, the LA Galaxy officially signed free agent Billy Sharp. He last played for Sheffield United and helped promote the team from the EFL Championship League back to the Premier League. During Sheffield’s two seasons in the EFL Championship League, Sharp scored 18 goals in 87 appearances. 

Billy Sharp will be placed right in the playoff race, with the Galaxy being 7 points out of a playoff spot. After the front office boosted the midfield and wing positions with trades that brought Fagundez, Barrio, and Cerrillo into the team for Vanney to use, a significant upgrade to the front was needed

The midfield has been a constant aspect of the LA Galaxy’s attack. Brugman and Puig have been sharp throughout the season, finishing most games with most of the game’s possession. The lack of trust in the offense has led to low-scoring games. Galaxy currently has a -12 goals difference. Their current goal-scorer leader is Tyler Boyd, with 4 goals. Right behind him is Preston Judd with 3 goals. 

The scoring has come from different places in the Galaxy lineup, but with Sharp’s addition, goal-scoring could become a more consistent aspect of the team. 

After watching a compilation of Billy Sharp’s top ten goals, I noticed 9 out of 10 goals came from within the 18-yard box. The goals in the video all came from either assists from the wingers or a mishap from the defense. With Puig directing the midfield and Boyd and Fagundez controlling the wings, Sharp’s ability to find the ball and scoring will be exploited. 

Low Risk, High Upside

The Galaxy signed Billy Sharp for the rest of the season with a team option for the 2024 season. His addition to the team is low risk with an upside so high the front office will look like geniuses if the Galaxy make a deep run in the playoffs and Sharp becomes a scoring machine. 

The Galaxy return to Dignity Sports Health Center on Sunday against a Western Conference favorite, Real Salt Lake. Both teams faced each other twice at the end of May. The Galaxy won the first match, 3-2, and Real Salt Lake took the second match during the US Open Cup with the same score. 

Sharp will probably not be ready to play for Sunday’s game, but his arrival has given the Galaxy an opportunity to sneak into the playoffs and make a deep run.

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