Mookie Betts wants to ensure the Dodgers’ success doesn’t center on his personal statistics. 

“I don’t really pay attention to the numbers,” Betts said after sweeping Saturday’s doubleheader against the Marlins.

“I just want to win; that’s all I care about.”

The Dodgers currently lead the National League West by 11.5 games, and Betts’ individual success is a big part of the team’s achievements. 

Betts is leading the Dodgers with 6.7 wins above replacement, stands one home run away from tying his season-best total, and maintains a .300 batting average.

He finds himself in the middle of an MVP race against his teammate Freddie Freeman and Atlanta Braves Ronald Acuna. 

Since the beginning of the season, Betts’ versatility has helped the Dodgers play other bats in the lineup and give players a day off. He can play right field and allow Amed Rosario to play second base against left-hand pitchers.

When there’s a right-hand pitcher, Mookie plays second and allows Jason Hayward to play right field. On the days Miguel Rojas needs a break and there’s a right-hand pitcher on the mound, Betts can play shortstop.  

Mookie Betts has gone from being a Dodger to being the Dodgers for the next ten years.

He is playing his best season in Dodger-blue and continues to grow the game off the field.

Off The Field

During the team’s trips, Mookie Betts hosts a podcast called “On Base with Mookie Betts,” where he sits down and talks to different players in the league. He has interviewed players like Clayton Kershaw, Mike Trout, and Zac Gallen.

In the interviews, Betts gives his guests the opportunity to show their personality. During his interview with Zac Gallen, he reveals he loves shopping at Marshalls.

Yes, Gallen plays baseball at the highest level but remains true to his bargain-shopping roots. These interviews allow Betts to be himself with others around the league. In the process, he helps lift the profile of his co-worker and the game.

This is the kind of character trait that helps Betts transcend the field. He is the Dodgers’ biggest ambassador. 

During an at-bat against the Oakland A’s on August 2nd, a fan told Betts he would middle name his soon-to-be-born daughter ‘Mookie’ if he hit a home run.

Betts hit a 436-foot home run, and on August 15th, he posted a story onto his socials showing a picture of the baby girl’s birth certificate with ‘Mookie’ as her middle name. 

In the first episode of Hulu’s show “This Fool,” which takes place in Los Angeles, the main character, Julio, attempts to exit his house, but a group of guys block his exit with their remote controlled-car race. In the group, one of the guys is wearing a Betts Dodgers jersey.

Mookie Betts’ jersey has entered Hollywood lore as a visual cue to identify the show’s setting. 

His Return To Boston

Betts is returning to Boston for the first time since being traded

During a podcast interview with Kike Hernandez, Mookie discussed his feelings about it. 

“I’m really nervous,” Betts said. “I think you’re gonna love it,” Kike Hernandez responded. 

Betts is humble; he won’t brag about his achievements in Boston. The game of baseball knows he’s one of the league’s best.
He’s sure to get a long-standing ovation from his old team because that’s the type of player he is. 

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