As the regular season ends, it’s time to analyze how the offense will enter the playoffs, as the Dodgers are 6 games away from winning their 10th divisional title in 11 years. 

In previous years, the offense has had trouble hitting the ball with runners in scoring position. 

According to, during game 2 of the National League Divisional Series, the Dodgers became the first team in MLB history to have at least 15 base runners, a minimum of 8 players collect a hit, and have a base runner reach base in each inning but only score 3 runs on home runs. 

During that game against the Padres, the Dodgers went 0-for-8 with runners in scoring position. 

With a new set of players, the Dodgers offense wants to change the narrative of shutting off in the playoffs.

Let’s take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of the offense. 

The Good // The Wild Cards  

Dave Roberts has a set of players that he swaps around based on the opposing pitcher. Those players are David Peralta, Kike Hernandez, Amex Rosario and Jason Heyward. From then on, these players will be known as the Best Supporting Actors.

The Dodgers offense will have to rely on these players to maintain their form going into October. All of the members of the Best Supporting Actors are hitting above .260, except for Hernandez. 

Since joining the Dodgers, Hernandez has been hitting .273. 

Each member of the Best Supporting Actors also has an OPS above .600, with Heyward maintaining .829.

As the season ends, Roberts must keep their productivity fresh and play them often. Once the playoffs start, the offense needs them to continue their good offense resurgences. 

The Bad // The Big Two

What more can be written about Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman? The two will end up in the top 3 MVP voting. 

Betts is currently hitting .311 while maintaining an OPS of 1.018, while Freeman is hitting .339 and owns an OPS of .995. They hold a commutative WAR of 14.4. 

In order for the offense to have a productive October, Betts and Freeman need to continue their productivity. Hitting is contagious, and they need to infect the rest of the offense with the hitting bug.

During the playoffs last year, Betts’ batting average was below .200, and his OPS was .278. Meanwhile, Freeman carried the offense, hitting .357 and keeping his OPS at .500. 

Without Betts and Freeman, the Dodgers offense becomes thin and weak. Both players must maintain their form for the Dodgers to have a deep playoff run. 

The Ugly // Injuries

Injuries will be the death of the Dodgers offense. JD Martinez plays a vital part in the offense and is the everyday designated hitter. He is currently hitting .265 while smashing 26 home runs. 

His weakness falls in his ability to stay healthy. Throughout the season, Martinez has taken two trips to the injured list. His presence makes the lineup deeper and a thread in every at-bat. 

Betts injured his foot during the series against the Marlins after fouling a ball off his left foot. He missed the first two games during the weekend series against the Nationals. He returned to the lineup on Sunday with no problems, but his injury needs to be monitored.

It is important that every member of the Dodgers offense stay healthy; a World Series win depends on it.
The pitching is definitely not going to be the answer. 

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