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Dodgers Prospects Not to Get Attached To

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Lala land exploded with premature champagne showers after baseball writer Hector Gomez sent out a tweet. According to Gomez, the Dodgers will be “very aggressive looking to sign the two-way superstar Shohei Ohtani and get the 11-time All-Star center fielder Mike Trout via trade.”

Dodgers fans fantasized about the powerhouse offense LA will have with four MVP winners in the lineup all at once. 

A lineup with Mookie Betts, Freddie Freeman, Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout will muster more than three hits in a divisional series without a doubt. The day the Dodgers make this hot stove rumor a reality is the day millions of foos in Dodgertown go crazy wild. 

According to Gomez, the Dodgers are open to trading their top prospects to trade for Trout. Baseball America recently released the Dodgers offseason top 10 prospects. Here are three prospects not to get attached to. 

Diego Cartaya

Will Smith is untouchable. He will become a free agent after the the 2023 season. BUT WAIT. The Dodgers have two catchers in its top 10 list. Dalton Rushing quickly climbed the ranks after the ending the season with an .856 OPS. 

Baseball America categorized Cartaya as the best defensive catcher in the organization. His status as a high prospect has been following him for a few seasons now. His chances of surviving this offseason are slimmed down because of the two catchers ahead of him. 

If the Dodgers want to pry Trout from the Angels, a player of Cartaya’s caliber will help rejuvenate and rebuild the team.

Andy Pages

Andy Pages is ready for the majors. He is expected to make the majors this coming season according to MLB. His versatility in the outfield will attract any team. Pages finished the season batting .284 for the AA Tulsa Drillers. 

Baseball America ranked Pages as the Dodgers top 4 prospect. The only guaranteed outfielders the Dodgers currently have in the roster are Betts, James Outman and Chris Taylor. If Freidman and company are really chasing players like Trout, that means they’re probably looking at other outfielders. 

Say bye-bye Pages. 

Michael Busch

Michael Busch plays all bases defensively. He should have been playing in the major this last season. After finishing the season batting .323 with 27 home runs, he became the top prospect. With Freeman playing first and Max Muncy playing third for a couple of more seasons, that leaves second base open for the Dodgers to fill. 

After coming short in a humiliating way for the second season in a row, the Dodgers want to make a splash. It is time to turn these top prospects to wins in October. If the Dodgers are seriously considering trading top prospects this offseason, Busch will be the first player teams ask for. 

In Conclusion

This is all speculative blogging. Nothing is guaranteed, especially these prospects’ futures with the Dodgers. Call it fan fiction, but don’t be surprised if any of these prospects will say goodbye to the boys in blue.

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