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Dodgers notes: Baseball is dead

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Dodgers self-proclaim rookie Shohei Ohtani entered the batting cage for the first time since elbow surgery. Its the day after the Super Bowl and that is basically the only news I can report about.

During his time in the in the batter’s box, Ohtani took 21 swings, hitting 10 out the park. Since reporting to spring training, the Dodgers and Ohtani have been firmed that he will be ready for opening day in Korea against the Padres.

Obviously, as previously mentioned, Ohtani will not be pitching this season. When asked how he felt after taking a few sings, Ohtani said, “I felt like the swings were feeling really good, which is a really good sign. I think it’s trending towards me being ready for Opening Day.”

Forget the Super Bowl, this is the event Taylor Swift should have pulled up for. Hell, bring Travis Kelce with you. Ohtani is a deliberate person. Anything he does has an outcome. The words he chooses to let the media get a glimpse of is with an outcome already in mind.

Hearing him say he feels great gives a sense that the stars of Hollywood need to find their way to Korea and catch the unicorn hit bombs during the Dodgers opening series against their modern day rivals.

Before taking a swing at balls, Ohtani found himself taking a swing at being a pitching coach over the weekend. During Yoshinobu Yamamoto’s bullpen session, Ohtani found himself front row, admiring his comrade’s mechanics.

Ohtani’s nod of approval at Yamamoto’s pitches said everything the Dodgers need to know about the future of their ace.

Old Friend Alert

The calendar has turned to baseball season. As the Chiefs proclaim to the world that they will take the underdog tag and shake it off one Super Bowl win at a time, all eyes turn to baseball.

The Dodgers opened spring training earlier because they will travel to Korea, yet the Scott Boras’ four have yet to sign with anyone. Cody Bellinger is apart of the Boras client list that have yet to sign. As his old teammates prepare to take on the league wearing their villainous egos, Bellinger will report to Boras’ compound.

Boras control of the market is hurting the sport of baseball more than anything the Dodgers have done this offseason.

Where’s all the hate for Boras? Why aren’t people turning him into the devil? Boras holding the market hostage is creating an opportunity for other sports to control the media and culture. In a world of click bate and saying “I read an article,” but really meaning “I saw a headline,” baseball needs to have some of its best players sign with anyone.

A sport that is dominated by negative headlines like “Ohtani is ruining baseball,” and players begging teams to sign them to a league-minimum contract, when Bellinger is unsigned is an abomination as big as Margot Robbie not getting an Oscar nomination for one of the years best films.

A word of advise to Bellinger, go back to the Cubs. They want you as bad as Bradley Cooper wants an Oscar.

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