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Is Steve Cherundolo on Thin Ice?

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The Los Angeles Football Club 2024 MLS season hasn’t started well, and it looks like things are starting to get exposed, especially for coach Steve Cherundolo.

On Saturday, LAFC lost to the last-place of the Western Conference San Jose Earthquakes 3-1 at Levi’s Stadium. No LAFC fan expected LAFC to lose against San Jose, but how LAFC has played this season wasn’t a surprise. 

Goals from Denis Bouanga’s own goal, Antônio Rodrigues, and Amahl Pellegrino were enough to give the San Jose Earthquakes their second-season victory.

As for LAFC, the coach needs to answer questions. 

After a hard-fought victory over the Portland Timbers last week, it became evident that LAFC desperately needed a transformation. The demand of the moment was a shift in playing style, a break from the predictable. Regrettably, Cherundolo’s persistent conservative approach failed to meet this crucial requirement.

Undoubtedly, the squad requires a significant overhaul. The departure of key players and the slow integration of new ones have taken a toll. However, the question remains: Is Cherundolo the right person to lead the club into the future?

It’s important to remember that Cherundolo’s first season was a triumph, as the Black and Gold clinched their first-ever MLS Cup. Additionally, LAFC secured the 2022 Supporters Shield and the 2022 Western Conference, triumphing over Austin FC with a 3-0 victory.

The squad was a powerhouse, boasting players like Gareth Bale, Denis Bouanga, Carlos Vela, ​​Giorgio Chiellini, and Maxime Crépeau. 

However, there were signs that Cherundolo was not a good coach. Take the MLS 2022 final, for example. LAFC nearly lost the final, but thanks to Bale’s last-minute goal and John McCarthy’s penalty masterclass. No LAFC fan has talked about it because the team won trophies. 

Last season, LAFC reached the MLS Cup final and the CONCACAF final and won the Western Conference. But the signs were still there, and now they’re showing more since LAFC struggles to be at the top. 

It’s understandable that there are fans who still support him. But there comes a point when fans can’t be sentimental, and no more players and coaches come and go. It’s time for LAFC to change and get back to the top. 

Cherundolo will most likely stay until the end of the season.
If that’s the case, LAFC must remain in the playoffs and continue fighting to the top. LAFC must focus on Wednesday’s U.S. Open Cup against Las Vegas Lights.  


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