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3 Clippers Targets in 2024 NBA Free Agency: Early Predictions

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The Los Angeles Clippers had big dreams after getting James Harden from the 76ers, hoping for a title win. Yet, their season ended early, losing to the Dallas Mavericks in the opening round of the NBA Playoffs.
Now, they’re eyeing the offseason to improve.

With some players possibly leaving, the Clippers are in a tough spot against strong teams like the Nuggets and Timberwolves.

They’re looking at the 2024 NBA free agency to make some smart moves and get them to that next level.

De’Anthony Melton

The Clippers should seriously consider signing De’Anthony Melton. After injuries hit him hard in the 2023-24 season, his stock has fallen, making him a more affordable option for teams tight on cash, like the Clippers.

If George stays, the Clippers won’t have much money to play with. Melton could be a hidden gem because he plays well with stars like George, Harden, and Kawhi Leonard. He’s great at catching and shooting the ball, and he doesn’t back down from defending the other team’s best player.

With his value at a low because of a tough season, the Clippers could grab him as a solid support player. This move could be one of the smarter Clippers NBA Bets for improving their squad without breaking the bank.

Caleb Martin

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Caleb Martin is a strong forward who could be better than P.J. Tucker and Amir Coffey for the Clippers. Rumors say the Miami Heat might not keep him. The Clippers should quickly sign him to a short-term deal. With Leonard often hurt, Martin can make tough plays and fits well with the team’s main guys. He shouldn’t cost more than the mid-level exception, but he’ll be a big help next year.

The Clippers have scorers like Russell Westbrook and Norman Powell, but they need reliable role players. Martin has shown up big in important games, proving the Clippers should go after him hard.

Derrick Jones Jr.

If the Clippers are aiming for players who can really shine under Coach Tyronn Lue, Derrick Jones Jr. should be high on their list. This guy doesn’t need the spotlight to make a huge difference on the court. Even if he doesn’t get the ball much, you can always count on him to bring a ton of energy and hustle. Jones Jr. is an amazing athlete who can catch high-flying lob passes from stars like James Harden and Russell Westbrook, making him a thrilling addition to the Clippers’ lineup.

Offensively, Jones Jr. has stepped up his game, especially with his three-point shooting from the corner, which he showcased impressively with the Dallas Mavericks this season. But what really makes him a perfect fit for the Clippers is his incredible defensive skills. Thanks to his long arms and quick feet, he can guard multiple positions and disrupt the opposing team’s plays.

For a team like the Clippers, who are constantly figuring out how to go deeper in the tough Western Conference playoffs, adding a versatile and energetic player like Derrick Jones Jr. could be a game-changer. His ability to blend in with the already stellar lineup while also offering something unique makes him an ideal target for their 2024 free-agency moves.

PHOTO: ClutchPoints

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