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Is LAFC Having An Effect on LAFC2 by Signing Their Best Players?

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After a difficult start to the season, Los Angeles FC is starting to get back on track.
On Saturday, June 15th, LAFC beat Orlando FC 3-1 at the Inter & Co Stadium. 

The Black and Gold have shown remarkable resilience, securing victories in six MLS games, including three away games.

With one game in hand and just one point behind Real Salt Lake, which drew with CF Montreal 0-0, LAFC is proving a formidable force.

A Denis Bouanga brace and Mateusz Bogusz gave LAFC the three points. They now take on Austin FC in another away game this Wednesday before facing the San Jose Earthquakes at BMO Stadium this Saturday. 

However, while the main team, LAFC, is currently in top form, their academy team, LAFC2, faces a different fate in the MLS Next Pro. In the last five games, LAFC2 has conceded 13 goals, and they are gradually slipping to 6th place in the MLS Next Pro Western Conference. 

So why is LAFC2 currently struggling after having had a great start to the season?

LAFC2’s best players are heading to the first team, which is nothing wrong with the first team. 

LAFC signed players Erik Dueñas, Nathan Ordaz, Luis Müller, Lorenzo Dellavalle, and Abraham Romero. Recently, LAFC signed Tommy Musto from LAFC2 through 2024, with options through 2027.   

Musto most likely trains with and plays for the first team, as well as Muller, Ordaz, and Dueñas. Even though he will play for the first team, Musto can still play for LAFC2 like Ordaz, who made eight appearances this season in the MLS Next Pro. 

However, LAFC2 suffers from the absence of its key players while they are on duty for LAFC. Earlier in the MLS Next Pro season, Müller scored four goals in five games, earning two Man of the Match. 

Now Muller hasn’t featured for LAFC2, nor has Erik Dueñas, who played for LAFC on Saturday against Orlando FC for 30 minutes. Ordaz played for seven minutes while Musto and Romero were on the bench. 

Since LAFC2 was having a great start to the season, the solution is to keep Dueñas, Ordaz, Müller, and Dellavalle once they return from injury in the academy. LAFC will stick to the same players and add a few signings in the summer. 

Yes, it’s excellent for the academy players to train and play for the first team, but there should be balance.
The youth players should not be overtrained and overplayed because they can experience injuries in the long run.


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