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The 2024 Heisman Trophy Race: A Season of Potential and Promise

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As the 2024 NCAA football season approaches, the Heisman Trophy discussion is heating up, with several promising candidates poised to compete for college football’s most prestigious award.

The Heisman Trophy, a symbol of excellence and peak performance in college football, might witness fierce competition with a blend of quarterbacks leading the charge and other positions looking to break the mold.

Top Contenders to Watch

Jalen Milroe of Alabama, who has previously showcased his capability with notable performances such as the miraculous ‘Prayer at Jordan-Hare’ touchdown, is among the frontrunners. His leadership in securing the SEC Championship and his role in pushing Alabama to a top rank makes him a strong candidate for the Heisman as he enters a new era in Alabama under head coach Kalen DeBoer.

Another promising contender is Quinn Ewers from Texas, whose decision to return for another season positions him as a significant competitor. Ewers’ impressive completion rate and leadership in clinching a Big 12 Championship highlight his potential to excel in the upcoming season, especially with Texas being a possible national title contender.

Dillon Gabriel, now with Oregon, brings an impressive track record from his previous seasons, including consistently high yardage and touchdowns. As transfer quarterbacks have historically performed well in Heisman races recently, Gabriel’s move might offer him the platform to further his claim to the trophy.

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Carson Beck of Georgia, coming off a successful season leading Georgia to an undefeated regular season, is another player to watch. His high completion rate and playmaking ability will be crucial as he faces a challenging schedule with high-stakes games that could define his Heisman journey.

USC’s Miller Moss will have big shoes to fill following the Caleb Williams era, but his Holiday Bowl performance significantly improved his odds for the upcoming year’s Heisman Trophy. In that bowl game, Moss threw for 372 yards and six touchdowns in USC’s 42-28 victory over Louisville. Moss has a good supporting cast that includes wide receiver Zachariah Branch and running back Jo’Quavious Marks. 

From the non-quarterback arena, Ollie Gordon of Oklahoma State emerges as a dark horse. Despite the Heisman’s recent quarterback favoritism, Gordon’s extraordinary rushing achievements, including leading the nation in rushing yards and scoring numerous touchdowns, make him a candidate to watch.

Another dark horse.

Wide Receivers and Defensive Players

While quarterbacks dominate the Heisman landscape, players like Luther Burden III from Missouri are looking to challenge this trend. Burden’s stellar performance as a wide receiver, marked by his top-tier yardage and touchdowns, positions him as a potential breakthrough in the typical quarterback-heavy Heisman race.

Defensive players don’t normally get recognition for the Heisman Trophy, but Tennessee EDGE rusher James Pearce Jr. looks to change that. Pearce Jr. is coming off a year where he posted 10 sacks and 14.5 tackles for a loss. Some NFL mock drafts have him as a No. 1 draft pick in 2025.

Analyzing the Impact of Preseason Expectations

As preseason camps commence, the Heisman Trophy odds and team win totals naturally draw significant attention from fans and analysts alike. These odds not only reflect the expectations placed on individual players but also hint at the anticipated performance of their teams. For Heisman contenders like Jalen Milroe and Quinn Ewers, strong preseason odds could bolster their confidence and visibility in the race. However, these odds also come with heightened scrutiny and pressure to perform consistently at a top level. 

Similarly, the projected win totals for teams like Ohio State, Texas, and Oregon are not just numbers; they set the tone for the season, creating narratives that can either propel a player to Heisman glory or weigh them down with the burden of expectations. This interplay between individual accolades and team success adds a compelling layer to the unfolding drama of the college football season.


The 2024 Heisman Trophy race is shaping up to be a thrilling contest filled with talented athletes, each bringing something unique to the table.

Whether it’s the strategic prowess of seasoned quarterbacks or the explosive play of running backs and receivers, the season promises to keep fans on the edge of their seats.

As these athletes prepare to showcase their skills, the anticipation for who will lift the Heisman Trophy continues to build, promising a season filled with outstanding football action and unforgettable moments.

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