Baseball is a game of creatures of habit. Sometimes those habits transform into superstitions. Superstitions come in different forms. A batter fidgeting with his gloves before nearing the batter’s box. A pitcher adjusting his cap before unloading. A fan spraying their jersey with water from Dodgers stadium anytime they play home games and calling it holy water. 

Superstition is a hell of a drug.

Here are some superstitions for you to follow and pass the positive juju to the team on this new season.

Taylor and Muncy Need the Extra Help 

Chris Taylor finished the season batting .221 with an OBP of .304, his lowest since becoming a full time utility player. He struck out 160 times. His defensive flexibility is still a big asset to the team, but as we learned from the Bellinger experience, it’s not all about defense.  

Max Muncy was coming off shoulder surgery when the 2022 season started. His numbers were going to skew from his regular productivity because of it. He ended the season batting .196 with a .329 OBP. He was still taking walks, but why not give one of the rookies an opportunity to bat .196? 

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Anytime these players come up to bat, light a bat on fire because if the Dodgers want to repeat their 2020 season, these two need to play at their best productive season since playing 60 games. 

Taylor will be one of the Dodgers starting outfielder. He will bat in the second half of the line up, functioning as a second lead off hitter. His OBP needs to reflect his defensive skills to justify his at-bats. 

Same goes for Muncy. His place in the lineup will drop down with the integration of JD Martinez. He will start at 3rd base, but if his decline continues to take a downhill, his time is up. 

The success of this team does not rely on their productivity. In order for this team to make it far into October and finally earn a parade for their city, their second tier players need to be the kind of players that earn nominations for Best Supporting Actors at the Oscars. 

Is That A Flamethrower or Noah Syndergaard

I mean, if the Dodgers can’t win a World Series with an Avenger I will handcuff myself to the waiting room of Manfred until he cuts down the season to 60 games. 

Word out of the first week of spring training is that Noah Syndergaard has raised his velocity. He decided to come to LA because of the pitching coaches and their development. In other words, he wants to guarantee his bag. 

Syndergaard is currently slotted as the fifth starter of the rotation. His career has taken a dip since getting Tommy John surgery, but as mentioned before, in Mark Prior we trust

Because I want him to succeed in pantone blue, I will buy a poster of Chris Hemsworth as Thor and kiss it every time Syndergaard takes the mound. The juju is needed to lift his velocity even more. 

Having him slotted as the fifth starter will just get me closer to getting drunk on Hollywood and Vine as I celebrate a championship with the team I love.  

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