Leerdam helps Galaxy earn 1-1 draw with Whitecaps - The San Diego Union-TribuneFrustrating chants coming from Legends Plaza scored LA Galaxy’s home opener game that ended in a frustrating 1-1 draw. Chants that would usually come from Victoria Block made their way into the ballpark. The supporters voiced their frustration over President Chris Klein and boycotted the home opener.

The action on the field reflected the supporters’ frustration, ending in a 1-1 draw against the Vancouver Whitecaps. Still winless in the season, the LA Galaxy are having their worst start to a season in 13 years (0-1-2). 

Frustration accumulated throughout the game after the referee overturned two goals by Riqui Puig and Dejan Joveljic. The first overturned goal came from a play started by Delgado on the right wing, opening the game to Joveljic who ran towards the box. Delgado read the play, passed the ball to Joveljic who fed it for a finishing touch by Puig. 

After reviewing the play, the ref called an offside on the initial touch from Delgado to Joveljic. A well played out run spoiled by Joveljic’s anxious half step ahead of the defenders. The goal would have tied the match up with plenty of time to play.

The second overturned goal came during the 76th minute, a goal that would have given the G’s a lead towards the end of the game. 

After a break through run by Raheem Edwards on the left side of the field, he shoots the ball once he reaches the box. The ball deflects off of two defenders and into Joveljic’s chest, who  knocks it down and puts it in the net. 

Most of my frustration about the team is projected onto Joveljic. During these opening weeks, Joveljic has shown that the spotlight of starting a match may be too much for his game. Up until the 76th minute, Joveljic was involved in multiple offensive plays, and shots on target. 

The home opener was his game to finish. Instead, the referee overturned the goal and called it a handball. 

VAR? More like VARious bad calls. 

Since taking over the starting position in the absence of Chicharito, Joveljic has looked lost. Instead of taking the spotlight and shining, Joveljic has ghosted the offense. During the game against the Whitecaps, his involvement in plays gave the team hope his attacking returned. His movement during offensive plays is not on the elite level as Chicharito’s, but during the time on the field in the home opener, Joveljic showed signs of his greatness. 

The chess master is likely to miss the upcoming match against Portland. His duties have been called up for international play. I hope he returns motivated to keep his starting role once Chicharito returns. 

Other Storylines

  • Tyler Boyd needs to be a consistent starter. He covers so much ground and opens up the game with speed in the wings. 
  • Chicharito should be back in one to two weeks. 
  • Bond’s clash with Raheem was scary. I hope he can play against Portland. It’s the last time I call him our only hope. I’m afraid it might cause another injury. 

Next Week

The LA Galaxy will travel to Portland looking for their first win against a depleted Portland Timbers, who’s coming from a 5-1 loss against Atlanta United. 

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