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It’s Time To Mix Things Up, Vanney

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These Galaxy columns have been a drag to write. It is a dark time to be a fan of the LA Galaxy. Nothing seems to change. There’s no point in justifying what’s happening on and off the field. 

Hearing Vanney after every match is excruciating. He’s running out of things to say, and everything that comes out of him sounds like he’s just repeating buzzwords the front office wants him to focus on. 

Over the weekend, the LA Galaxy lost their fourth match of the season out of seven played. The loss felt heavier than any other loss thus far, as it was against the city rivals and current champions, LAFC. 

Let’s Talk About The Game

LAFC fans showed up early and took control of the game’s vibes from the get-go, making themselves heard. While I predicted a bloodbath last week, instead, we got a 3-2 game that felt like it was leaning more toward LAFC. 

The Galaxy offense finally woke up, scoring two goals in the match, the most they’ve scored in a game this season. Still, none of the goals came from their forwards, as Tyler Boyd and Marco Delgado scored their first goals of the season. 

On the bright side, the LA Galaxy are consistently losing games, and the narrative hasn’t changed as the season progresses. They lead the games in ball possession, the amount of passes, and passing accuracy, but game after game, the results are the same. Vanney has no sense of urgency in changing the game plan. 

Vanney starts every match the same, and when he does decide to change things up, it’s often too late. There is no creativity in his tactical moves; they are boring, basic, and predictable. When he wants to attack more, he turns to a 3-man backline, offensively extending the field by adding speed to the wings. 

Vanney has made this exact move a few times this season, but the result seems to be the same: more action up front without scoring any goals. With zero wins on the record and the offense stuck with the yips, it’s time Greg Vanney hired someone in the same vein as Ed and Lorraine Warren to exorcize the demons this team is internalizing. 

Change Things Up, Galaxy

The morale is at an all-time low, both on and off the field. Javier Hernandez and the rest of the team seem frustrated, but they keep insisting that fans trust the process. However, this process feels stretched out like Michael Jordan’s last dunk in Space Jam. It’s being dragged on like Regina George’s name in Mean Girls. 

It’s time to mix things up, Vanney. Change the lineup. Start two forwards. Leave Puig and Brugman in the middle by themselves. Screw it; add Memo or Delgado on top with Joveljic and Hernandez. For the love of all G’s, it’s time to try something new. Anything new?

Seven games into the season is no longer a small sample size. These seven games have shown the league how much they can take advantage of this team. Next up, the LA Galaxy will have Austin FC visit DHSF. Austin is coming off a tie against Vancouver. 

I’m keeping my expectations as low as the LA Galaxy’s current place in the standings–I’m not ready to give up my last drop of hope.

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